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06 Feb, 2018

Episode 5 – Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

This week we look at new patents, components, and clever advancements in smart sensors. Read on to find out more!

Amazon patents a tracking wristband for factory workers

Amazon have patented a wristband for their factory employees that would monitor the employees' whereabouts in real time on the factory floor. This system would make employees more efficient and should decrease employee error.

Samsung unveils massive 800GB SSD for AI supercomputing, IoT

Samsung unveiled a new 800GB SSD aimed at powering supercomputing efforts and supporting AI, big data, and IoT applications. The drive is designed for high performance, high reliability, and low latency.

IT industry revenue will grow 5% this year, driven by cloud, AI, IoT

The IT sector is poised to hit one of it's highest years of growth in history, according to a new CompTIA report. The evolving tech labor market will continue to present new challenges and opportunities for companies; "With employer demand for tech talent routinely outstripping supply, the year ahead will force more organizations to rethink their approaches to recruiting, training, and talent management"

Mnubo raises $16.5M Series B from Munich Re/HSB Ventures, White Star Capital, McRock Capital and other investors

HSB. Mnubo, a leading IoT Data Analytics and AI company, today announced that it has raised $16.5 million in Series B financing, as part of an oversubscribed round, to accelerate the international growth of it's SmartObjects IoT Analytics and Data Science solution that helps worldwide equipment manufacturers and service providers advance their data monetisation strategy.

IBM partnership aims to create smart shipping port with IoT sensors, AI and big data

Working with Port of Rotterdam, the tech company will help drive digital transformation with the use of data analytics. In the long-term effort, the port will use IoT sensors, AI, and big data to become more efficient and cost-effective. The project may show how emerging technologies can be used to alter workplaces and industries, and its success may drive other ports to do the same.

Indian Government reveals initiatives in AI, cyber-physical systems and 5G technologies

The Indian Government has revealed a number of initiatives for the development of emerging technologies in the country. India’s Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley, noted in his Budget 2018-19 speech that the global economy is transforming into a digital economy due to the development of cutting edge digital technologies in areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), 3D printing etc. He highlighted initiatives such as Start Up India and Make in India, which together with Digital India are expected to help India establish itself as a knowledge and digital society.

Remark Holdings Announces New Agreement for its KanKan SmartEyes Product

Remark Holdings, a global technology company focused on providing AI solutions, announced that China Mobile IoT has selected KanKan, Remark Holdings' artificial intelligence platform, as its AI-solution partner for facial recognition and verification technology. China Mobile IoT Company Limited has businesses in agriculture, financial technology, logistics, traffic control, public safety, medicine and energy. China Mobile IoT will deploy KanKan's SmartEyes product as part of their IoT infrastructure solutions in building safety, public safety, logistics, traffic control and energy.

Government's big WiFi push to start with the Northeast

Based in India, The Centre, is looking to immediately get down to business with its plans to set up five lakh WiFi hotspots in the rural areas of the country. The plan is to help villagers gain access to broadband internet, this would be helping them benefit from the government's various welfare schemes, directly.

Fusionex Wins Malaysia Airlines Project for Information Collaboration and Data Management Platform

Fusionex, a multi-award-winning, leading software solutions provider specializing in Big Data Analytics (BDA), IoT, AI and Machine Learning, has been awarded a contract of significant value with Malaysia Airlines Berhad to provide a group-wide data management platform that will increase work efficiency and ease of communications within its group.

MXene material could improve sensors that sniff

Researchers from Drexel University and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have made a discovery that could make our best "chemical noses" even more sensitive. In research, recently published in the American Chemical Society journal, the team describes how a two-dimensional, metallic material called MXene can be used as a highly sensitive detector of gaseous chemicals. The paper suggests that MXene can pick up chemicals, such as ammonia and acetone, which are indicators of ulcers and diabetes, in much lower traces than sensors currently being used in medical diagnostics.

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