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27 Feb, 2018

Episode 8 - Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

This week we look at AI autonomous driving and tracking, how machine learning understands audience behaviour, and how Fujitsu is using IoT to improve distribution. 

New R&D for AI Mesh Technology within Autonomous Driving, Tracking and Safety

Gopher Protocol Inc., a development-stage company which specialises in the creation of IoT and AI enabled mobile technologies, reported new R&D efforts for its MESH Technology. The new research includes testing of it's MESH network technology for autonomous driving tracking and safety applications.   

Eyeota taps machine learning & AI to understand APAC audience behaviour

The Singapore-based data vendor will be tapping into machine learning and AI to understand audience behaviour so it can further "refine" it's audience datasets. The unique selling point for ML and AI is the ability to measure and effect data quality, the acceleration of offline to online onboarding of data, TV and IoT data 

Fujitsu using IoT to improve distribution 

A new service from Fujitsu uses IoT technology to detect unproductive or inefficient workflows in warehouses. Fujitsu have developed the new service for the distribution industry, which struggles with labour shortages. The main feature of the new service is to check whether warehouse staff are using inefficient processes during their work.  

Spark NZ to launch IoT network next month

New Zealand telecommunications carrier Spark, has announced that it is aiming to launch its IoT network next month while continuing to trial its Cat-M1 network.   It is expecting to provide coverage through the IoT network to around 20 urban centres and key rural areas by mid-year. 

IoT tech to boost efficiency at Rotterdam

IoT technologies will be used at the Port of Rotterdam to increase operational efficiency and handle automation.  Sensors are being installed across the 42km of land and sea, which will gather multiple data streams including water (hydro) and weather (meteo) data about tides and currents, temperature, wind speed and direction, water levels, berth availability and visibility. 

India to spend more on AI-based tools to secure cyberspace: Cisco

The "Cisco 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report" shows than more than half of the organisations surveyed in India are reliant on automation, Machine Learning and AI. Security professionals in India will spend more on tools that leverage this technology to fight malware attacks. 

DHA displays first fully autonomous fitness centre

The SALEM Innovation Center is the first center of its kind to utilise AI and IoT in providing medical fitness and health occupation screening services. The new center aims to provide these services without the need for any human interference, and to become a one-stop destination for all medical fitness tests required for completing employment visas. 

Wearable tech aids stroke patients  

Scientists in the US are developing wearable sensors to speed up the recovery of stroke patients. The sensors are able to send information to doctors continuously.  The team developing the system says it could allow therapists to more closely monitor the effectiveness of their care. 

Cisco and AT&T partner on smart cities solutions

Cisco's Kinetic for Cities platform will be integrated into AT&T's Smart Cities Operations Center, with the carrier also announcing a smart cities project in Portland, Oregon. Smart Cities Operations Center (SCOC), which proves near real-time information and analysis of city data on a central dashboard, it will be bolstered with the addition of Cisco's cloud-based platform for extracting computing and transferring IoT data. 

Nokia launched blockchain-powered IoT sensing as a service for smart cities

Nokia is launching a set of services, based on IoT, data analytics, and blockchain technologies, for economically and environmentally sustainable smart cities.  Nokia's Sensing as a Service (S2aaS) provides intelligent analytics on environmental data gathered from IoT-connected sensors, which operators can sell to cities and other authorities.

Photo: ksenia-kudelkina

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