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20 Mar, 2018

Episode 11 - Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

This week we look at Singapore's IoT offering for overseas markets, Zara's AR in-store experience, and how pressure sensors can help prevent pain for amputees 

IE Singapore facilitates partnership to offer IoT facilities Management Solutions to overseas markets

International Enterprise (IE) Singapore has facilitated a partnership between Certis Group and Eutech Cybernetic Pte Ltd to offer Singapore’s first IoT Facilities Management (iFM) solution in identified markets. The new iFM solution enables facility owners to centrally manage and integrate building operations, optimising energy consumption, physical security, maintenance, health and safety, space, and tenant services. Eutech’s proprietary data management software – iviva will be applied on Certis Group’s iFM platform.  

Zara to offer mobile AR experience in stores

Fashion retailer Zara is launching a mobile reality app to be used in stores, which allows shoppers to stand near certain display windows to view AR images of models wearing different items from the displays, as well purchasing the items through the application. This technology will be coming out next month in 120 stores. 

Pressure sensors to help prevent pain for amputees

Researchers have developed a new type of pressure sensor to assist amputees who suffer from rubbing against their artificial limbs. The sensor is thin and flexible like a small golden postage stamp. It is taped to a liner - essentially a cushioned sock - which is then placed in the socket connecting the stump and the artificial limb. It sends that information to researchers and clinicians who can monitor the pressure peaks and troughs as the patient walks and see if any adjustments are needed to prevent discomfort or pain.  

UAE appoints a State Minister for AI

Last month Saudi Arabia became the first country to grant citizenship to a robot. The UAE, which plans to have robot cops and autonomous vehicles on its roads and skies in the near future, this has appointed a State Minister for AI.  As tech companies are beginning to center their business models around AI, it’s no wonder that the oil-rich Middle East would want to be at the forefront of this development.  

Nest's launches new temperature sensor

Nest has released a temperature sensor to accompany its Learning Thermostat. This new temperature sensor works with the company's smart thermostat to keep individual rooms in your home at your preferred temperature which you can control from your phone.  

Cypress and ESCRYPT unveil end-to-end LoRaWAN

based security solution for smart city and industry 4.0 applications -  Cypress Semiconductor Corp. the leader in advanced embedded system solutions, has announced that it has collaborated with ESCRYPT, a leading IoT security provider and member of the Bosch group, to offer a secure microcontroller solution for applications using the LoRaWAN open protocol. 

AI-driven drone technology platform builds on the blockchain

Deep Aero is building an AI-driven drone/unmanned aircraft system traffic management. It is designed to enable safe low-altitude civilian flights of manned and unmanned aircraft in the shared airspace. The platform will harmonize integration between unmanned traffic management systems globally and enable industries, including manufacturers, service providers, and end users to use drones safely and efficiently without disrupting the existing manned aviation system. 

Portland trials smart city tech

The city of Portland is to pilot technologies to tackle issues like traffic flow and parking, as well as to monitor the structural integrity of buildings and other infrastructure. The city are planning to deploy AT&T’s structural monitoring system on various infrastructure with LTE-enabled sensors to remotely monitor structural behaviour. The sensors, which measure variables such as temperature, tilt and cracks, are able to alert operators of significant events or changes in environment. 

Andrew Hacker launches public mineable blockchain thought for 'AI Superhighway'

An AI and Blockchain start-up with backing from the Harrisburg University in Pennsylvania is developing a new way of utilising and processing data by integrating AI and "smart logic" into every bit of data called “AI Thought”. The "AI Thought" attached to data allowing the digital information to act on its own; understanding where it came from, where its supposed to go and what it needs to do and the function it needs to perform. The goal is to build an "AI Superhighway".

Telit releases two modules enabling European market to use advanced IoT applications and services

Telit, a global enabler of IoT, has announced the release of two new modules, the WE866E4-P and the ME910C1-E2. Each was designed to meet the European specification requirements, and enables advanced IoT to be applied to buildings, energy, industrial applications, medical devices and more. 

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