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13 Jun, 2018

Episode 19 - Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

This week we look at how Vodafone are helping to alleviate malnutrition in Africa, the blending of fashion with AI and IoT, and how navigation systems and smart traffic signs are being used to optimise traffic.

London Tech week

This week is London Tech week. The festival brings together 55,000 attendees to enjoy hundreds of events taking place across the city. Check out all events you can!

Vodafone uses IoT tech to alleviate malnutrition in Africa

Vodafone has joined forces with Sanku to rollout IoT technology to 3,000 small flour mills across Africa, to provide nutritious, fortified flour to millions of people across the continent. Sanku will equip each of the mills with real time data driven insights, leveraging Vodafone’s global IoT SIM and USB Connect technology.

Sharp’s smart cat litter tray detects feline health problems

Sharp Corp., a Japanese multinational corporation that designs and manufactures electronic products, has developed a smart toilet for cats that analyses their urine and detects health problems. Reports are then being sent to the owners’ smartphone using artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology.

Mnubo Sets up Office in Tokyo to Bring Its IoT Data Analytics and AI Solutions to the Japanese Market

Mnubo, a global IoT analytics and AI company, announced the opening of its first office outside North America, in Tokyo. This strategic milestone marks the next phase in Mnubo’s long-term investment and commitment to the Japanese market. Mnubo has also entered into strategic partnerships with leading Japanese IoT solution providers and system integrators to accelerate the adoption of IoT analytics and AI technologies within Japanese enterprises.

Microsoft reveals Windows Collaboration Display

Microsoft announced a new category of intelligent large-sized devices and IoT services, ideal for boardrooms: Windows Collaboration Displays. The sensors in the Windows Collaboration Displays utilise Azure IoT spatial intelligence capabilities, enabling room measurements for a better management of heating, cooling, and room-booking systems based on how the space is actually used.

IBM and enter into a strategic partnership at H2O World

IBM and have created a global strategic partnership to enable customers across all industries to harness the full potential of AI in their businesses. IBM Power Systems will be combined with H2O Driverless AI to accelerate business insights up to five times in verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, IoT and financial services.

Mentor Veloce hardware emulation platform now available on Amazon Web Services

Mentor, a Siemens business, has announced the availability of the Veloce Strato platform, a customer-validated cloud computing emulation platform, on Amazon Web Services. This new data center extends the availability of hardware emulation across a broad range of deployment scenarios to ensure that all semiconductor companies have access to hardware emulation for system-on-chip and system-of-systems verification.

Microsoft is shaking up fashion with mixed reality, AI and IoT

Microsoft and the London College of Fashion recently wrapped up the "Future of Fashion Incubator", leveraging Windows Mixed Reality, AI, and IoT. This has provided students with the opportunity to adopt upcoming technologies and apply them within the fashion space. The program aims to inspire individuals with new tools and overcome limitations through digital solutions.

Smart cars that can talk to the road network due is 2020

Audi is partnering with Chinese tech giant Huawei to develop a technology for smart cars that can talk to the road network to optimise traffic light sequences and ease congestion. The project, that started in China in 2017, is being extended this year on a much larger scale in the city to optimise traffic, rerouting cars through navigation systems and smart traffic signs depending on volumes of traffic.

Huawei releases its latest IoT and AI products, creating intelligent and connectivity genes for digital enterprises

Huawei released its latest IoT and AI products to help enterprises create intelligent and connectivity genes. The company’s OceanConnect IoT platform has been upgraded to support connected cars systems, and enhanced with the eLTE-IoT solution. As for AI, Huawei released the industry's first AI-enabled software-defined camera, the M/X series. This series of cameras are said to improve image processing capabilities by 25 times.

Gatwick Airport put £11 million into IoT network

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has finished installing a new £11 million IT network at Gatwick airport, London. The new network will allow the airport to take advantage of emerging technologies such as AI and IoT, and improve efficiencies and business operations. The programme has also implemented machine learning and facial recognition systems to improve security processes throughout the airport.

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