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14 Jun, 2018

xelba collaborates with Gaia Smart Cities on Smart Cities solutions and networks

Team xelbaTeam xelba

June 2018 will see the beginnings of a collaborative relationship between xelba and Gaia Smart Cities, one of India’s fastest growing start-ups within IoT and ICT for smart cities. Captured in a memorandum of understanding that was signed on 1st June 2018, the aim of the relationship is to leverage one another’s product and expertise to roll-out a series of networks across India and the UK. The first workshop between the two companies has already been scheduled for the 15th June.

Along with shared ambitions, the product ranges from xelba and Gaia will be deployed to complement one another in such projects. Gaia’s LoRa based GaiaGrid Connectivity Platform will enable a variety of Low-power sensors and actuators to be connected to a common network providing services like Smart Lighting, Smart Metering, Parking and other sensing problems. The platform will also provide subscription management, monitoring and monetisation of IoT connectivity networks. Meanwhile, the xelba series of sensors and hubs will facilitate the capturing of data from devices, whilst enabling stakeholders to simply adopt and onboard technological improvements through the xPlatform, meeting the market demand for an outstanding UX experience.

“Gaia are already taking strides within their respective industry in India in a way that excited the xelba team. We’ve been watching their progress for some time and instinctively knew that what they were showcasing would be the key to achieving our own ambitions of moving into Smart Cities,” said Rakesh Gandhi, Chairman and CEO of xelba.

Gaia has started its move into the UK market, having recently been accepted into the Mayor of London’s IE20 Programme, an initiative to identify 20 of India’s most innovative and high-growth companies, and facilitate their growth in the UK. The relationship with xelba is to create tangible projects in this market where this expansion can be achieved.

“Partnering with xelba will accelerate the solution development of such globally relevant solutions. India is indeed a very promising market, and Gaia will bring in the best technologies as the segment unfolds. However, given the faster adoption of such technologies in Europe, this partnership will be great for both entities,” commented Dr. Sumit Chowdhury, Founder and CEO and Gaia Smart Cities.

We will keep you updated as this relationship progresses. Should you have any questions about this partnership or how you might become involved in pilot programmes, please contact

About Gaia Smart Cities

Gaia, founded in 2015 by Telecom and IT industry veterans, is an augmented reality, value-added IoT products and solutions firm that provides customer feedback, sensing, and analytics as a service using wide-area Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Gaia’s SmartFeedback solution is now working across 100 cities to provide citizen feedback for urban service delivery. Their solutions are also used for Railways, Hospitals, Hotels, and other service industries. Gaia’s Cold Chain solutions are used for monitoring and tracking of movable, static and human assets.

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