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11 Jul, 2018

Episode 23 - Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

This week we look at how Vodafone Portugal is developing IoT services, how Bosh and Singapore Polytechnic are training students on the use of IoT in manufacturing, and the NHS Foundation Trust’s use of IoT to help their staff being more efficient – plus lots more industry news.

Digital Economy Promotion Agency looks to drive startups

The state-owned Digital Economy Promotion Agency launched an accelerator programme meant to help startups capitalise on the Asean market. The scheme welcomes startups with disruptive products in every sector, especially in agriculture, healthcare and service tech. This marks another government effort to empower and raise the standard of Thai startups.

Vodafone Portugal kicks off with consumer IoT services

Vodafone Portugal has launched a set of IoT services for residential customers, including applications covering mobility, security and location. The new offering, V by Vodafone, introduces management of connected objects through a single app. The company said it would follow up the initial launch with a series of smart home applications before the end of the year.

Bosh teams up with Singapore Polytechnic in IoT training push

Bosh and Singapore Polytechnic have opened two learning labs in the university campus to train students on the use of IoT in manufacturing. Through simulations of advanced manufacturing processes on a scaled-down smart factory system, the students will be able to use IoT devices to capture and analyse sensor data to optimise manufacturing processes.

Yahsat new satellite to offer mobility and IoT services

Yahsat, the Middle Eastern satellite company, will soon enter the mobility and IoT market to increase business growth. Yahsat aim to focus on live asset tracking through GPS, which is increasingly becoming merged with business analytics and AI, particularly when it comes to cross-country and regional mobility, which Yashat believe can be better serviced by satellite over telecom service providers.

Siemens and Alibaba Cloud forge industrial IoT partnership

Siemens and Alibaba Cloud will partner to build out the industrial IoT in China. Under the partnership, both companies agreed to use each other’s technology. For Siemens, the partnership with Alibaba Cloud gives it a foothold in China’s IoT market with its MindSphere platform; meanwhile, Alibaba Cloud will receive industry know-how and access to larger enterprises.

A barcode scanning systems has helped make the NHS Foundation Trust’s staff more efficient

The Trust has started using the Zebra MC18 computer, from Zebra Technology Corporation, in tandem with technology from partner Ingencia Solutions, to carry out semi-automated and mobile inventory management. The Trust clinical staff uses the Android-based handheld MC18 computer to automatically log and adjust the NHS’s stock levels of medical products being used and returned.

Nvidia uses AI to clean up messy photos

Researchers from Nvidia, MIT, and Aalto University are using AI to reduce noise in photos. Named Noise2Noise, the AI was created using deep learning and draws its intelligence from 50,000 images from the ImageNet database. Noise2Noise is able to remove noise from an image even though it has never seen an image without it.

The IRS wants to use AI and machine learning to combat cyberthreats

The IRS has issued a Request For Information to get information about AI, machine learning, cognitive computing, and data analytics techniques, algorithms and capabilities. This is due to its Cybersecurity Division’s business need for an AI machine-based analytical platform that can automatically learn the environment, improve accuracy, and proactively detect and respond to cyber and insider related threats.

A bank just fired its world-famous AI assistant, Amelia

Swedish online bank Nordnet is letting go of its AI co-worker Amelia as a result of underwhelming performance. Nordnet is now choosing to prioritise areas such as prediction of customer behaviour and preferences through AI. Amelia has been recognised among the world’s best AI-systems and has been seen successful within other companies.

Keppel and ST Engineering to team up on smart city developments

Keppel Corporation and Singapore Technologies Engineering has agreed to team up in the design and implementation of smart city master plans and solutions. The partnership between the two will target cities and developments looking for end-to-end services that weave in Smart City technologies seamlessly.


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