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18 Jul, 2018

Episode 24 - Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

This week we look at how a Brazilian firm is using electronic sensors to monitor forest growth in real-time, Walmart partnership with Microsoft to compete with Amazon, and a leading AI researcher’s vow to not develop autonomous weapons – plus lots more industry news.

Onecom signs IoT partnership with Sony

Onecom has signed a UK partnership agreement with Sony Mobile to sell, support and develop its IoT products and services. Onecom will sell Sony tracking solutions exclusively, and collaborate on a range of solutions driven by smart connected devices.

Shopper Media Group partners with Mist to offer new tech and AI-driven capabilities

Shopper Media Group will be one of the first companies in Australia to deploy Mist technology, which provides WiFi and location services using virtual Bluetooth LE technology to businesses. The partnership will see Shopper Media Group offer new Wifi, analytics and location-based services across the company’s portfolio of shopping centres in Australia.

LG ThinQ AI-powered TV s launched in India

LG is taking aim at India’s TV segment with its latest range of AI-powered smart TVs. The company launched 25 TVs under different categories like OLED, Super UHD and Smart TVs, all running on ThinQ, an AI platform. With the AI functionality backed up with extensive research and incorporated in television, LG aims to deliver a unique and more intuitive experience for its consumers.

Startup innovates by developing IoT technology for forestry sector

Brazilian firm Treevia has been developing a remote forest monitoring system named SmartForest, which uses electronic sensors to monitor forest growth in real-time. With support from the Sao Paulo Research Foundation, Treevia developed a system that provide forest manager the data required for forest inventorying by means of remote collection and uses mathematical and statistical methods to estimate forest growth, quality, and health.

Infosys Announces IoT Partnership with Siemens

Consultant and technology provider Infosys will collaborate with Siemens PLM Software to develop Siemens’ cloud-based IoT operating system MindSphere to support customers in industries such as manufacturing, transportation and logistics. This new partnership with Siemens for MindSphere fits Infosys’ vision of seeing the physical and digital worlds converge.

AI is crucial in helping law firms overcome challenges

ALM Intelligence has released an AI report about how law firms need AI to overcome current and future challenges, while improving efficiencies. Many aspects of the legal profession are based on precedent, which makes the use of AI for numerous repetitive knowledge tasks very interesting. Law firms would be able to meet their challenges faster and make ancillary revenue streams.

Crestron named Microsoft’s Global IoT Partner of the year

Crestron has been recognised for providing outstanding solutions in IoT in the form of Crestron XiO Cloud, an IoT-based provisioning and management solution built on the Microsoft Azure platform. Crestron IoT-enabled automation and control solutions enable facility management and IT staff to control entire environments, from digital signage and lighting, to building management and security systems.

Leading AI researchers vow to not develop autonomous weapons

Thousands of the world’s foremost experts on AI have vowed to play no role in the creation of autonomous weapons. With AI poised to play an increasing role in military systems, AI experts want to ensure that the overall impact of the technology is positive, and that citizens, policymakers and leaders distinguish the acceptable and unacceptable uses of AI.

Walmart partners with Microsoft on cloud, AI tech in latest battle against Amazon

Giant retailer Walmart has entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft for a wider use of cloud and AI technology. While Walmart is doubling down on its e-commerce presence to better compete with Amazon, Microsoft has been working on a technology that would eliminate cashiers and checkout lines from stores.

How a Toronto tech startup is using AI to improve management systems

Toronto based Tealbook is using AI to analyse companies and suppliers. Tealbook created a social media-like database that allows enterprises to make the best partnerships based on their specific needs, while also delivering unique insights and improving the speed and quality at which enterprises are able to connect with suppliers.

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