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19 Jul, 2018

Adoptability and the Internet of Things

Team xelbaTeam xelba

This week, we wrote a guest article for our friends over at Studio Graphene about the adoptability of IoT. Here's a taste of what we had to say:

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t new – the term was coined more than 25 years ago by British technology pioneer Kevin Ashton. But this exciting wave of technological advancements has only truly come into fruition over the last few years.

Now it seems that IoT is everywhere: from talking kettles and Alexa, to city infrastructure applications like smart parking and utilities management. The number and scope of potential applications of the technology continue to grow and intrigue. IoT is spreading, often in spite of some underlying public concerns about potential risks.

Security issues continue to be the hot topic on the media’s lips, and with it, there is often a misguided fear of what a truly connected world might look like. Other hurdles include the cost of set-up and retaining of staff, concern at the risks of abandoning trusted legacy systems, or even not recognising the digital transformation potential in their business. Even to the most innovative of businesses, IoT can often seem dense and impenetrable.

So, if you’re a business providing IoT solutions or products, how can you work to make them accessible – and therefore, adoptable?

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