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22 Aug, 2018

Episode 29 - Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

This week we take a look at how A.I. can transform and benefit the financial services market in the near future; how Three Phase Electric delivers Smart community solution in Southern California; IoT on the beat – The Metropolitan Police has become the first British force to develop its own mobile fingerprinting device utilising IoT technology.

How A.I. is exploding the financial services market: World Economic Forum | SPECIAL REPORT

As the World Economic Forum publishes the most extensive and in-depth report yet on artificial intelligence’s transformation of the financial services sector, Internet of Business editor Chris Middleton presents a comprehensive breakdown of the document’s key findings and highlights.

IoT to Adopt Augmented Reality, Says New PTC Report

According to a recent announcement, PTC has released its updated State of Industrial Innovation report, which portrays the development and adoption trends of innovative companies that are building Industrial IoT and augmented reality experiences for their end customers.

IoT devices: Chirp brings audio onboarding to Microsoft Azure

Acoustic networking specialist Chirp has inked a deal with Microsoft to integrate its technology into the Azure Cloud, paving the way for the simpler provisioning of new IoT devices.

The importance of collaboration in making ‘things’ even more intelligent

Hardware, software, middleware, cloud, storage, security, integration platforms and connectivity all need to combine to produce an effective end to end solution. This, of course, demands collaboration and partnerships rather than isolation. Yet when it comes to the nuts and bolts of how devices do their magic, little comment has passed on the merits of a more collective approach; until now.

Three Phase Electric Rolls Out Smart Community IoT Service

Three Phase Electric, a provider of electrical services to home owner associations (HOAs) in residential communities across Southern California, announced Common Sense Smart Community, its new Internet of Things service designed to improve efficiencies, save natural resources and improve quality of life for residents.

Public concerns about driverless cars rise, Ford releases safety strategy

There’s little point in developing autonomous vehicles if you can’t also build the trust required with the public to bring about their adoption. That’s the main takeaway from the 2018 Cox Automotive Evolution of Mobility Study.

Opportunity knocks for chipset providers as China rethinks its cellular IoT strategy

It was always anticipated that most markets would eventually roll out both Cat-M1 and NB-IoT networks. Nevertheless, China’s change of course, following the general trend of major global cellular operators, presents a significant opportunity for dual-mode chipsets and a much wider range of IoT devices.

AI commonplace in business in a decade, say third of firms

Nearly one in three companies (32 percent) believe that business use of artificial intelligence (AI) will be commonplace within the next decade, according to new research from TomTom Telematics, the fleet management and connected transport division of the navigation tech company.

IoT on the beat: Met Police develop mobile fingerprinting device

The Metropolitan Police has become the first British force to develop its own mobile fingerprinting device, in a move designed to save officers time and the public money.

Single point of control: Pervasive entertainment through smart displays

The era of truly pervasive media, where consumption – and control – flow around the home with its inhabitants, thanks to smart home technologies and AI is just around the corner, and the opportunity to create and deliver new services to support this is considerable.


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