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05 Sep, 2018

Episode 31 - Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

As A.I. technology progress rapidly, this week we will take a look at some ethics behind this topic - figuring out how to hold A.I. algorithms accountable; UK Appliance giant Dyson is looking to venture outside the household by investing £200m into building a UK driverless vehicle campus; Check out a story about how to make dorm rooms smart - and a few of the pitfalls you might encounter.

Odd Numbers

Algorithms increasingly govern our social world, transforming data into scores or rankings that decide who gets credit, jobs, dates, policing, and much more.

Dyson invests £200m into a UK driverless vehicle campus

Dyson is requesting permission to build over ten miles of vehicle test tracks. The varied terrain would be able to effectively test areas such as off-roading driving, handling slopes and hills, and dynamic handling.

Smart home homesick at college? Make a smart dorm room

SLU has a custom Alexa Skill that provides answers to more than 100 questions about the college, helping students get relevant information about campus life, academic policies, facility hours and more.

Smart, connected products: How to set up a successful service paradigm

Smart, connected 'things' can report their current state and send alerts when problems appear. However, these products are still not intelligent enough to work without human participation, and a certain degree of monitoring, control, and maintenance is needed anyway, which can be an additional burden for vendors.

IoT devices are becoming increasingly ubiquitous

But most consumers don’t know what IoT means - 70% of consumers polled by Metova already own at least one IoT device – yet less than one in five said they were well aware of what the term Internet of Things means.

More states appoint chief privacy officers to protect people’s data

In this age of hackers and cybercriminals, every state has a top security official focused on preventing breaches and protecting the vast amounts of data it collects.

Canvass Analytics Raises $5M for Industrial IoT, Led By Google’s AI Fund

AI is big; it is what will drive autonomy in transport, industry and manufacturing, and the ability for autonomous operations to be able to streamline operations is a primary goal in the development of artificial intelligence technology.

All One Needs to Know about Fog Computing and Related Edge Computing Paradigms: A Complete Survey

With the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming part of our daily life and our environment, we expect rapid growth in the number of connected devices. IoT is expected to connect billions of devices and humans to bring promising advantages for us.

Verizon upgrades its Cat M network for IoT solutions

Verizon has made its Cat M network capable of providing voice access and serve applications using fixed IoT voice services, such as alarm panels with communications components, by strengthening its ability to support a wide range of IoT solutions with enhanced features.

Yale and Comcast team up

Yale Locks & Hardware announced that smart locks from its Assure Lock line can now be connected to Comcast’s Xfinity Home service, its home security and home automation solution, when purchased with a Yale Zigbee Network Module.

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