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19 Sep, 2018

Episode 33-- Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

This week we will take a look at ‘internet of animals’, a French company has developed a smart system that tracks animals around the globe. With the aid of IoT and other cutting technologies, a developer is aiming to make “Wakanda” a reality. The UK government has launched a £25 million funding competition that is designed to support business-led R&D to improve batteries for automotive applications.

'Internet of animals' spreads its wings

The French satellite system ARGOS that for 30 years has been used to track animals across the globe is getting a major overhaul and expansion.

Developer reveals $3bn plans for a Wakanda-like city in Ethiopia

After the smash hit release of the film Black Panther – chronicling the defence of a hyper-advanced city in a fictional city-state called Wakanda by a superhero king – a smart city developer aims to help build something similar.

Zero Emissions: UK launches £25m competition for green battery tech

The British government has launched a £25 million funding competition to develop new battery technologies for next-gen electric vehicles.

Startups Fear That Trump's Tariffs Will Stifle the Next Apple

President Donald Trump’s tariffs couldn’t come at a worse time for Aaron Emigh and his startup technology company. The firm, Brilliant, created a new smart controller for home devices that replaces a light switch and is set to launch in two weeks -- right about the time the next round of duties on Chinese imports could take effect.

Nvidia A.I. generates synthetic MRIs to train medical diagnostic systems

Researchers have developed a deep learning system that can create artificial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans to use in the training of AI diagnostic systems for brain tumours and Alzheimer’s disease.

Bosch and Daimler launch automated valet parking in China

The pilot, launched in Beijing, uses automated technology to steer a vehicle to a designated space. Whenever the user wants to leave, a tap on their smartphone can return the vehicle to its owner ready for the onwards journey.

Robotics, A.I will create 58 million jobs, but decimate middle-class careers: World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum predicts nearly 60 million extra jobs will be created by 2022, thanks to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Vodafone set to double size of European NB-IoT network

Vodafone is to double the size of its European NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) network by the end of next year. The company said it would be doing this in response to demand from its enterprise customers.

A.I. | Transparent neural network boasts human-like reasoning

MIT researchers claim to have created an AI model that sets a new standard for understanding how a neural network makes decisions.

5G: T-Mobile, Ericsson ink $3.5 billion deal, Verizon, Vodafone advance

US network carrier T-Mobile and networking and telecoms provider Ericsson have signed a multi-year contract worth £3.5 billion.<br /> <br /><br />


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