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08 Jan, 2018

Episode 1 - Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

Photo: Telecom Italia

This week in IoT, we look at a very cool initiative out of Turin, Italy that rewards citizens for recycling, and a number of announcements regarding AI advancements and integrations.

Italy launches a new wireless network for the Internet of Things - A smart rubbish bin in Turin, Italy, tracks behaviour to provide tax discounts for people who recycle. Telecom Italia, Italy's largest telecommunications provider is putting the finishing touches on a new wireless network for the Internet of Things that should be available nationwide by the end of January.

Unlocking telecoms with machine learning and AI - Total Access Communications Public Company Limited (DTAC) is the third largest mobile phone provider in Thailand, with 23.2 million subscribers and market share of 30%. This major telecoms company has taken advantage of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to boost its competitive edge by deploying chatbots to deliver customer care faster. Further, using data from these interactions, DTAC have been able to leverage machine learning to make suggestions of which of their products would best suit customers.

The Internet of Things now includes everything and the kitchen sink - The Delta Faucet Company announced Friday that it's developing faucets that respond to voice commands. Along with turn off and on, they'll be able to measure amounts of cooking, and warm water too. 

Samsung is bringing Bixby, IoT and machine learning to your TV - Along with a literal wall of television, and new QLEDs with AI for 8K, Samsung's "First look" event ahead of CES 2018 had some news about Bixby, SmartThings and Universal Guide. For those not familiar with Bixby, it is Samsung's answer to Siri, Alexa and Cortana.

The amazing ways Tesla is using Artificial Intelligence and big data - Tesla has become a household name as a leader and pioneer in the electric vehicle market, but it also manufactures and sells advanced battery and solar panel technology. As a tech pioneer with a significant interest in the race to build and market autonomous vehicles, it makes sense that today they would be deeply interested in artificial intelligence. 

How Volkswagen is using Artificial Intelligence for ad buying decision - Cars aren't the only thing Volkswagen wants to automate. Artificial Intelligence is managing the brand's media buying in Germany and proving to be more effective than its traditional media agency. Whenever Volkswagon uses the recommendations from Blackwood Seven, a Danish media agency that uses AI and predictive analytics to forecast ad spend decisions, who says it sells more cars than it would have if it had gone with its agency's recommendation. 

Medtech, AI and IoT big trends for Irish start-ups and angel investment in 2018 - HBAN is expecting angel investment in Irish start-ups to grow by 17% in 2018, with increased funding in particular for the meditech sector. In forecasting it's predictions for the year ahead, the group has also identified that AI and IoT will be big trends amongst start-ups

IoT and AI innovate construction and mining - The use of IoT and AI, and the combination of connectivity, big data, machine learning and increased processing power from GPUs making its mark in construction and mining. At Nvidia Corp.'s recent GPU Technology Conference in Japan, they announced a partnership with Japan's Komatsu Ltd., one of the world's largest makers of construction and mining equipment, to embed into heavy machinery to help the industry improve safety and increase productivity. 

Arrow electronics acquires IoT specialist elnfochips - Colorado-based Arrow Electronics has announced that it is acquiring global product engineering services firm elnfochips as part of its attempts to bolster it's standing within the IoT sector.

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