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03 Oct, 2018

Episode 35-- Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

This week take a look at Amazon’s new smart home investment; Vote Leave’s first GDPR notice and Alibaba’s new venture in Al and quantum computing.

Vote Leave data firm hit with first ever GDPR notice

A Canadian analytics firm AggregateIQ (AIQ) that worked for Vote Leave has received the UK's first formal notice under a key data law, the UK's data protection watchdog has confirmed.

Amazon makes first investment in a homebuilder, backing start-up focused on prefabricated houses

Amazon has made clear that it wants to own the smart home space. Now the company's going a step further, taking a stake in a start-up that's building actual homes.

Arm reveals the autonomous car tech it’ll use to overtake rivals

Autonomous vehicles and futuristic infotainment systems will need smarter, safer chips, and Arm is making its pitch as to why it should be at the heart of the connected car with a new chipset and safety platform.

Why Alibaba is betting big on AI chips and quantum computing

During the opening ceremony of Alibaba’s 2018 computing conference last week, Simon Hu, president of Alibaba Cloud, invited the MC to taste some tea on the stage—but, first, to distinguish between tea roasted by hand and by machine.

Microsoft Ignite postmortem: The underlying hybrid convergence

While Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge, and AI grabbed the headlines at this year's Ignite conference, there is a hybrid cloud/on-premises message lurking in the background. As Microsoft's competitive landscape gets increasingly driven by Amazon and Google Cloud, its hybrid on-premise/cloud strategy could become its prime differentiator -- and databases could be exhibit one.

Should the Average Consumer Worry About IoT Privacy?

The internet of things (IoT) has the power to make our lives more convenient and more connected than ever before, but many critical thinkers have admitted concern about consumer privacy. Consumer groups, corporations, and even governments have spoken out about the dangers of IoT being exploited, but are these truly worthy of the concern and proactive action of consumers?

NB-IoT gathers momentum

Trials in Australia and the UK involving Ericsson and Vodafone indicate the NB-IoT standard is starting to become a reality.

IoT Is Eating the World: APIs and REST

IoT is eating the world. In this installment, we check out APIs and the REST architecture and how they are impacting the future of IoT.

The QUICening

Six o’clock already, I was just in the middle of a dream, now I’m up, awake, looking at my Twitter stream. As I do that the Twitter app is making multiple API calls over HTTPS to Twitter’s servers somewhere on the Internet.

Volkswagen teams up with Microsoft to create an automotive cloud

Volkswagen wants to transform itself into a digital services-driven company – with the help of Microsoft.



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