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17 Oct, 2018

Episode 37-- Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

This week we take a looks at Google’s plan for smart home solutions, Amazon patens new Alexa features, and what future hold for AI at home.

Google Home Hub—Under the hood, it’s nothing like other Google smart displays

On Tuesday, Google announced the Google Home Hub, the first smart display hardware made by Google.

A Google Home First: Local Integration with GE Smart Bulbs via BLE - No Network Needed*

If you guessed Google's first stab at local home-automation might involve ZigBee, Z-Wave or Thread + Weave...

The Battle for the Home

If the first stage of competition in consumer technology was the race to be the computer users went to (won by Microsoft and the PC).

Will cities become smarter with blockchain?

Paul Brody and Mark MacDonald from EY argue the applications for blockchain at the city level will be very similar to the applications seen in large enterprises, including procurement.

In the News: ReadITQuik | InfluxData Announces Integration with Google Cloud IoT Core

This article, published by the ReadITQuik (RIQ) News Desk, covers InfluxData’s recent announcement about its integration with Google Cloud IoT Core.

Amazon patents new Alexa feature that knows when you're ill and offers you medicine

Amazon has patented a new version of its virtual assistant Alexa which can automatically detect when you’re ill and offer to sell you medicine.

No, Google, We Did Not Consent to This

Shares of Google parent company Alphabet Inc. were dipping on Monday after the Wall Street Journal reported the company discovered a way for outside companies to potentially tap into Google users’ digital information and decided not to tell the public about it.

A Future Where Everything Becomes a Computer Is as Creepy as You Feared

More than 40 years ago, Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft with a vision for putting a personal computer on every desk.

Microsoft's Common Data Model: What users (not just Dynamics 365 ones) need to know

Microsoft's CDM is the linchpin for the recently announced Open Data Initiative and likely even more Microsoft products in the future.

Walmart demands smart home vendors support Google Home

Walmart is asking companies that want to sell smart home products to make sure those products work with Google Home. The retailer has instructed potential suppliers to ensure that their products support Google Home, and if they also support Amazon Alexa, that they make such certification visible on the side or back of their packaging.

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