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14 Nov, 2018

Episode 41-- Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

IoT news for this week…

TI Joins 60 GHz Industrial mmWave Camp

MADISON, Wis. — By re-spinning the company’s 76- to 81-GHz sensors originally designed for automotive applications, Texas Instruments made clear this week its intentions to muscle into the industrial market with a 60-GHz mmWave sensor family.

Wemo Smart Dimmer Switch gains HomeKit support via software update

This is Wemo’s first software-based implementation of HomeKit, which is a pretty big deal for both Wemo and Apple. Earlier versions of Wemo devices require a bridge with a dedicated chip to upgrade them for HomeKit compatibility. But this integration is the future.

GE Announces Sale of Current, powered by GE

Since the launch of GE’s IoT lighting business back in 2015, I’ve been excited to follow its progress. It began with big goals to help conserve power through smarter lighting installations, but also planned to offer what was going to be lighting as a service, including power costs.

Driving Computer Vision with Deep Learning

When we started working on scene understanding in 2015, we proposed one of the first semantic segmentation architectures using deep learning — SegNet. Yet, it is remarkable to look at the progress of state-of-the-art scene understanding over just a few years. In 2018, we can now understand semantics, geometry and motion from a single deep learning model…

Why millions of lasers on a chip could be the future of lidar

Dozens of startups are working on lidar, a type of laser sensor that many experts see as essential for fully self-driving cars. In my view, one of the most interesting companies is called Ouster. I first wrote about Ouster back in May, when I explained how it was bucking an industry trend toward fixed "solid state" lidar in favor of the spinning design pioneered by industry leader Velodyne.

Black Friday 2018 smart home deals: Bargains on Echo Dot, Google Home Hub, Facebook Portal, Apple HomePod and more

For those who are looking to gift a connected gadget this holiday season, CNET has created a running list of the best Black Friday deals available online and in person. I’ve already got my eye on an Echo upgrade and the Amazon smart plug.

Schlage's new smart lock lets Amazon into your house

Locks are usually meant to keep people out of your house, but Schlage and Amazon are letting people in -- as long as they're dropping off a package for you. Schlage's new Zigbee-certified Connect Smart Deadbolt is the latest smart lock to work with the Amazon Key service that allows packages to be dropped off inside your home.

IOT Dish’s first wireless partners revealed: Ericsson and SBA

Dish Network has inked agreements with network equipment vendor Ericsson and tower company SBA Communications in order to complete its nationwide NB-IoT network build-out by March 2020. Dish has pledged to spend up to $1 billion on the effort.

Capabilities Assessment for Securing Manufacturing Industrial Control Systems

The National Institute of Standards and Technology needs your thoughts on its current draft of security rules for industrial control systems. In this particular draft, NIST is trying to provide industry with information to establish an anomaly detection and prevention capability in their own environments. It will help manufacturing companies understand if their systems and processes have been compromised.

How I turned my house into an IoT Interoperability Testbed

As a professional researcher at Berkeley Lab's Demand Response Research Center, I had a unique and fun opportunity to build an IoT testbed back in 2012.

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