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21 Nov, 2018

Episode 42-- Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

IoT news for this week…

Microsoft and Facebook team up on open-source AI

In a change of course, Microsoft is to start working more closely with Facebook on open-source AI. The two companies had previously been competing, with Cognitive Toolkit and PyTorch respectively, and both failing to keep up with the adoption of Google TensorFlow.

Google helps boost High Street spending with search

Attempts to increase the number of people shopping on UK High Streets has been given a boost by search giant Google.

Sigfox hackathon unveils IoT products around connected containers and retail

A final pitch event was hosted by Sigfox last week wherein participants of the company’s inaugural Hacking House programme presented three IoT solutions.

#IoBankPay: Mastercard’s Veronika Colucci on the wearable payments revolution

Andrew Hobbs reports live from Internet of Banking & Payments 2018, as director of product development at Mastercard, Veronika Colucci, reveals how PSD2 and technological advancements are changing the payments landscape.

The charge of the chatbots: how do you tell who’s human online?

Automated ‘voices’ that were supposed to do mundane tasks online also now spread hate speech and polarise opinion. Are they a boon or a threat?

Why the right balance between breadth and depth is key to IoT partner programme success

ABI Research’s “SI/VAR and Partner Program IoT Ecosystem Market Data” report, which ranked 547 companies on their IoT service capabilities in its recent analysis, has found that partner programmes and their member companies are steadily maturing in their IoT offerings while at the same time also reducing average number of members per partner programme.

Google takes over DeepMind Health’s Streams, amid controversy

DeepMind Health, and its Streams app, are being brought under the direct control of Google, in a move that fuels past controversies around patient data privacy.

New MIT research study explores spintronics for ultra-low-power microchips

A new research study from MIT and Brookhaven National Laboratory claims to have potentially opened the door for ultra-low power microchips – which could be good news with regard to the Internet of Things.

Alibaba plans to make cloud computing its ‘main business’

Chinese e-commerce, media and technology giant Alibaba is planning to follow in the footsteps of Amazon and have its cloud computing business surpass its retail origins.

Siemens and Aruba announce strategic partnership focused on bridging OT and IT worlds

Siemens and Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, have announced a strategic partnership that is focused towards bridging the operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) worlds.


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