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05 Dec, 2018

Episode 43-- Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

IoT news for this week…

6 ways IoT is transforming retail

These six trends cover everything from what you buy to how it’s sold and even how stores work — and those are only the ones we can see right now.

The Next User You Design For Won’t Be A Human

The era of human-centered design is coming to an end. That’s because the next user you design for won’t be human at all. It will be a human-machine hybrid built to do more than any person or computer could accomplish alone.

Google May Reunite With Nest as It Takes on Amazon

Integration of Alphabet units would reverse an element of 2015 split as Google and Nest chase Amazon in home devices.

Introducing AIY Vision Kit: Make devices that see

AIY Voice Kit, was a huge hit! People built many amazing projects, showing what was possible with voice recognition in maker projects.

HPE and ABB, sitting in a tree, doing lucrative industrial IoT

What first attracted you to the industrial Internet of revenue-generating things?

Waze-fed AI platform helps Las Vegas cut car crashes by almost 20%

Predictive analytics allow Las Vegas traffic authorities to take preventative action that reduces the risk of collisions.

A Practical Guide to setting up an IIoT-based Predictive Maintenance Program

As initial hype around Internet of Things (IoT) in the consumer market fades, focus and emphasis has now shifted to Industrial IoT.

New C3 Platform Delivers Enhanced Rapid Enterprise-scale AI Deployment

C3, which has grown from a provider of software for energy companies has evolved to help all industries take data and use it to easily build AI models.

HPE edge offerings merge analytics, applications and IoT systems control

HPE is uniting information and operational technology in edge-network hardware and software systems.

Don’t bank on IoT

Yes, the IoT revolution looks bright – but at what cost?

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