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23 Jan, 2019

Episode 47-- Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

IoT news for this week:

Top 10 things to do on the new lenovo smart tabs powered by Amazon Alexa

Lenovo just released Lenovo Smart Tabs, a new category of 2-in-1 tablets which turn into full-function smart screens with Amazon Alexa.

It’s official: Ikea’s smart blinds are coming to the U.S. this spring

Ikea is finally introducing low-cost, motorized smart blinds. Called Fyrtur, the blinds will be available in all of Ikea’s United States stores starting April 1.

Withings undercuts Apple Watch, debuts $129 ECG monitoring smartwatch

Withings has had a tumultuous couple of years. The company was bought by Nokia only to be re-acquired by its original owner Éric Carreel last May.

Sonos Has Started Beta Testing Google Assistant Integration, Will Launch This Year

Sonos has started a private beta test of Google Assistant on its smart speakers, and is looking to launch the integration to the public this year. Google Assistant will be directly integrated into speakers with voice input, while older models will work in conjunction with Google Home and similar smart speakers.

5G is even more of a confusing mess than ever

Lightning crackled on the red screen as thunder roared over the speakers. The room lights went dark as spotlights swiveled about. White tables from both sides of the stage slid together as the lights went up and thumping rock music played.

Baidu Aims Edge Platform at AI Developers

Platform vendors are increasingly focusing on computing at the network edge as those devices sweep up more unstructured data. The goal is to move computing resources closer to data sources to reduce latency and bandwidth usage.

Bluetooth Mesh: The Next Greatest Thing?

Conceived in 2015 and adopted in July 2017, Bluetooth Mesh is a networking protocol based on Bluetooth Low Energy that’s designed to create large-scale device networks by allowing for many-to-many (m:m) communication over Bluetooth radio.

GE sees digital ghost deployments in 2019

Digital ghost technology, which works to monitor power equipment and thwart cyberattacks, will see production deployments after about 2 years of development with GE Research and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Researchers explore tangible applications for Google's Project Soli radar

Google’s Project Soli got the green light to operate at higher power levels thanks to a Dec. 31 FCC order, but researchers in Scotland have already been experimenting with the technology and working to improve object-sensing accuracy.

Robot Hotel Loses Love for Robots

The robot revolution will have to wait at the Henn na Hotel in Japan, which is laying off low-performing droids.


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