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13 Feb, 2019

Episode 50-- Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

IoT news for this week:

Bristol is Open CEO reveals what makes Bristol the UK's top smart city

When Bristol reached the top spot of Huawei's UK Smart Cities Index in 2017, the judges gave particular credit to Bristol is Open, a network infrastructure laboratory run by the city council and the University of Bristol

SmartThings Wifi Adds Smarter Parental Controls Powered by Plume

Samsung SmartThings Wifi is now offering parents peace of mind and more in-home internet control. Users will now have access to several new parental controls and security features to help manage digital activity in the home – from time online to content filters per device.

Ordnance Survey to launch mapping drone

Mapping organisation Ordnance Survey plans to launch a solar-powered drone to capture higher quality images of the Earth.

Utilities, tech firms form alliance for private industrial IoT networks

group of companies representing telecom equipment vendors, spectrum licensees and utilities have formed an alliance to advance the development of private broadband networks for energy providers.

Security for IoT Sensor Networks

The Internet of Things (IoT) universe is continuously evolving and expanding as new products and technologies are introduced to the marketplace…

Report: Smart speaker adoption in US reaches 66M units, with Amazon leading

Smart speakers had a good holiday. Amazon already said its Echo Dot outsold all other items on its site this holiday season, which hinted toward the sizable growth for the voice-powered speaker market. Today, research firm CIRP is reporting the U.S…

Google Warns Nest Users to Update Security Settings After Uptick of Hacked Cameras

Owners of Nest security cameras received an email from parent company Google on Wednesday, warning them to secure their login credentials with things like two-factor identification and stronger passwords.

Enable Hands-Free Logging for Your Baby Care Apps and Devices with the Baby Activity Skill API

Oday, we are excited to announce the Baby Activity Skill API, a new skill type that enables you to build Alexa skills that help customers keep track of baby activities simply by asking Alexa.

Smart home gadgets in domestic abuse warning

A list offering guidance to those affected by smart home devices being used to control or harass them within abusive relationships has been published online.

Google Home's Assistant could one day know your mood. Take that, Alexa

In an exclusive interview, a top Google exec says the AI could eventually recognize if you're frustrated or pick up conversations where you left off.



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