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06 Mar, 2019

Episode 53-- Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

IoT news for this week:

Do You Need a Smart-Home Hub?

For most people who are interested in setting up smart devices in their home, a dedicated smart-home hub is likely unnecessary…

Wyze Leaks Unannounced Smart Bulb and Sensor in Official Video

Wyze, the company behind some of the cheapest Wi-Fi cameras you can get, released a Q&A video recently with updates.

GreenWaves Technologies Announces 7M€ Series A Funding with Huami, Soitec and other investors

Funds will finance the sales ramp of GreenWaves’ first product, GAP8, and the development of the company’s next generation product…

Jibo robot signals its own demise with a dance

Owners of the "social robot" Jibo say the device has been telling them its servers are soon to be switched off.

Signify Ramps Up LiFi Efforts - Singapore, Singapore

Signify, the world leader in lighting, today announced it is working with more than 30 customers in Europe, North America and Asia to pilot light fidelity (LiFi)…

Why are TVs so cheap now? Well, your smart TV is watching you and making extra money, too

Your smart TV is watching you. And making money off you as well. That’s why the prices of TVs have fallen so dramatically over the last five years.

Somerville-Based Manufacturing App Platform Company Tulip Raises $18.4 Million

Somerville, Massachusetts-based manufacturing app platform company Tulip has announced it has raised $18.4 million in Series B funding led by Vertex Ventures US…

Wind River Future-Proofs Industrial IoT With New Helix Edge Platform

Wind River paves the way for autonomous systems in the industrial Internet of Things with the new Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform, which allows multiple operating systems to run on the edge to address workloads with different requirements.

Exclusive: Ray Ozzie wants to wirelessly connect the world

Ray Ozzie, the man who created Lotus Notes and helped usher Microsoft into the cloud era has a new goal: helping devices in the home get smarter by hooking them up directly to the cellular airwaves…

Zededa raises $15.9 million for IoT device management software

The phrase “edge computing” might bear all the earmarks of an annoying buzzword, but don’t let that distract from the market’s upward momentum — global internet of things (IoT) revenue is forecast to hit $1.7 trillion by 2019, when the number of IoT devices connected to the internet will exceed 23 billion, according to analysts at CB Insights…

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