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20 Mar, 2019

Episode 55-- Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

IoT news for this week:

World's first remote brain surgery highlights the IoT’s healthcare potential

A Parkinson’s patient in China has received the first remote brain surgery operation in a demonstration of the IoT’s life-changing potential when adopted in healthcare.

GB appliances partners with cirrent to improve connectivity of smart home products

GE Appliances, a Haier company, has partnered with Cirrent to deliver easy Wi-Fi onboarding and reliable connectivity of their smart home products.

Teardown: Casper’s clever little nightlight

We took a look at what’s going on inside the mattress peddler’s surprisingly complicated nightlight with a gorgeous user experience.

Simple Neural Network on MCUs

Edge computing is one of those things where you have the nails and are still looking for a hammer. In an earlier post, I wrote about Why Machine Learning on the Edge is critical.

Smarter Parts Make Collective Systems Too Stubborn

As researchers delve deeper into the behavior of decentralized collective systems, they’re beginning to question some of their initial assumptions.

NetComm launches new Industrial IoT router supporting medium bandwidth applications

Australian telecom equipment provider NetComm has introduced its new 4G LTE Category 1 IIoT Router (NTC-220) that promises a reliable, and secure medium bandwidth connectivity via LTE networks.

WW employs Alexa, Google Home to help customers stick with their diet plans

Through integrations with WW's software technologies, members can now ask Alexa or Google Home how many smart points they have left that day, and more.

This Tiny Startup Could Connect Your Smartphone Directly to a Satellite

A tiny startup called UbiquitiLink is testing technology that could connect virtually all of the world's existing smartphones directly to a satellite.

C3 launches Integrated Development Studio for speed up AI, machine learning deployments

C3 launched its Integrated Development Studio, a low-code platform to enable developers to build applications for its AI Suite.

Here are the details on Microsoft’s Azure Sphere security platform

Last week Microsoft announced a new product aimed at improving security for the internet of things. Azure Sphere is a combination of a chip, a Linux-based OS and a cloud-based security suite that aims to secure the next few trillion devices that come online.


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