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15 May, 2019

Episode 58-- Weekly IoT News Update

Team xelbaTeam xelba

IoT news for this week:

Plan to secure internet of things with new law

The rapidly growing "internet of things" (IOT) - internet-connected gadgets - would have to be made more secure under proposed new laws…

Donor Kidney Transported by Drone to Lucky Recipient

Clinicians and engineers at the University of Maryland have pulled off an impressive feat of delivering a donor kidney via a drone…

AT&T Lights Up NB-IoT Network Across the U.S.

With NB-IoT, we now have two complementary Low-Power Wide Area networks – including our LTE-M network in the U.S. and Mexico. Both networks are designed for the IoT within licensed spectrum and provide carrier-grade security…

New intelligent cloud and intelligent edge advancements ushering in the next era of computing

Since the inception of Azure, we have been focused on delivering a true hybrid cloud where applications spanning public cloud and on-premises datacenters are built and run consistently.

The Darker Side of AI

Genetic engineering and biotech firms are gearing up in earnest for the newest threat to corporate security: viruses, malware, and similar cybersecurity attacks turbo-charged with artificial intelligence (AI).

Is health-care data the new blood?

Last year, an article published in The Economist declared that the world's most valuable resource was no longer oil but data…

How to hide from the AI surveillance state with a color printout

AI-powered video technology is becoming ubiquitous, tracking our faces and bodies through stores, offices, and public spaces. In some countries the technology constitutes a powerful new layer of policing and government surveillance.

Exclusive: PTC Buys SI Partner Factora To Boost Industry 4.0 Expertise

'They're very respected among the other partners. When we get partners together, Factora would always be someone that people were asking advice from,' a PTC executive says of the industrial IoT vendor's decision to acquire systems integrator Factora.

Awair raises $10M to help customers like WeWork monitor their office environments

Monitoring a space is about a lot more than security cameras. Awair is trying to help businesses and consumers more deeply understand the environments in which they live and work.

Hey Anki, here’s how to shut down with users in mind

And another one bites the dust. Recode reported earlier this week that Anki, maker of the Vector robot I purchased in October, is shutting down. To be honest I’m a bit shocked, especially after learning that Anki had raised $200 million in total funding and had approached $100 million in 2017 revenue…

CES 2019: Tech preview of the expo's hottest new gadgets

The CES trade show is powering up again in Vegas. Most of the biggest names in tech and stacks of start-ups you've never heard of will compete for attention over the next week.

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