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The business opportunity

Any business within the agricultural sector faces numerous environmental threats relating to climate change, irrigation, irregular soil conditions, pollutants and fertilisers not adapting to the soil. If crops do underperform, these issues can cause losses to farmers, resellers, and even consumers.

Where xelba comes in

  • xelba gives these businesses the flexibility to connect previously incompatible devices; ones that normally would need to be operated individuals. For instance: connecting specialist monitoring drones to sensors in the soil, and irrigation machinery to solar panels.
  • Equipping devices and pieces of machinery with actuators will ensure immediate reactions to any shifts in the environment - natural or man-made
  • Utilising data that is fielded from all of the connected devices, xelba can perform predictive analytics to ensure that disaster is avoided - whether it’s due to changes in weather, threat of fire, or even over harvesting.
  • The ability to predict more accurate crop yield, as well as optimise current crop based on the data that can identify the most optune moment of harvest.

The result

The level of automation that is provided by xelba not only saves time for farmers, but also can assist in better predicting crop yield and, therefore, the allocation of resources. Further, the remote monitoring ability of the xPlatform can ensure that the fields are tracked even when staff aren’t physically there.

Let us show you what xelba can do

We could keep telling you about all the good things xelba does but it’s more fun to show you. Organise a demo with one of our team to see how xelba can transform your business.

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