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Transport and Logistics

The business opportunity

Faulty trains cause delays, resulting in irritated customers taking to social media to complain. Often, this can give train providers a poor reputation, which may result in a loss of trust and even revenue.

Where xelba comes in

  • By deploying sensors in trains, xelba would notify operators when and where maintenance is - and will be - required.
  • Using machine learning and predictive analytics, train providers are empowered with the tools to react before faults occurs.
  • Utilise big data that is fielded over a period of time to inform business improvements and create accurate reports regarding use and maintenance.
  • Automate railway lines with sensors and actuators to reduce human error. For instance, enabling level crossings to be activated according to GPS’s installed on trains.
  • Improve customer experience by installing sensors to control a comfortable temperature based on capacity.
  • Collect all of this data and have it easily accessible by the right people within the business, as well as notify them when there are environmental changes that might affect operation.

The result

Using xelba lowers the risk of breakdowns in trains, but it also enables train operators to move into deploying predictive maintenance procedures rather than simply scheduling it. This saves money on unnecessary maintenance on trains, and ensures that problems are caught before they actually occur.

Let us show you what xelba can do

We could keep telling you about all the good things xelba does but it’s more fun to show you. Organise a demo with one of our team to see how xelba can transform your business.

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