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The business opportunity

Essential to every freighting company is historical data that tracks where shipments have originated and where they’re going to. This level of compliance is a delicate balance of combining several systems, including: tracking software, inventory lists, contact information, security and customs documentation. There is an opportunity to centralise and simplify this documentation to ensure that a single ledger exists for all the data inputs. Further, xelba can also track these assets and monitor their health.

Where xelba comes in

  • xelba would be able to connect all data inputs into one simple data visualiser to ensure that the right information can simply be accessed by the right people, at the right time.
  • Create a compliance ledger of data that can be easily accessed during checks.
  • Embed GPS sensors in individual assets to track where they are in real time.
  • Ability to automate responses to changes in the environment, whether it be due to temperature, security or motion.

The Result

These efficiency improvements reduce the manpower and paperwork required to run such a complicated process, such as:

  • Customers who are using the company to ship their product, can check on the exact location at any time – an improvement in customer service offerings 
  • The business can run as efficiently even when only a skeleton staff is on-site.
  • Through analytics of live and historical data, reveal where future improvements can be made.

Let us show you what xelba can do

We could keep telling you about all the good things xelba does but it’s more fun to show you. Organise a demo with one of our team to see how xelba can transform your business.

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