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Mobile providers

The business opportunity

Mobile network currently offering a GSM service (also known as narrowband IoT). It is expensive for the user to run due to data costs and requires GSM specific sensors. The electronics in these sensors can also be costly when produced on mass, however, they are required to be deployed in both fixed locations and on modes of transport (i.e., trains and buses) to allow connectivity. Other, less expensive, protocols are available but ones like LoRaWAN are considered an emerging technology and without the promise of interoperability, all of these sensors would need to be replaced to change the operating protocol.

Where xelba comes in

  • Using the xelba products, mobile providers would be able to begin deploying LoRaWAN on both a trial and fixed basis, however, having the flexibility to integrate them into existing infrastructure.
  • Interoperability opens the capability to increase their offering to the industrial world by allowing the integration of new protocols into mobile networks, with only simple upgrade required.
  • A single xOne Hub can connect up to 800 sensors, and then aggregate all data from the individual hubs into one data visualisation platform – our xPlatform. There, operators can have full, remote access to their sensors and all other devices in their infrastructure.

The result

  • Interoperability is achievable. New protocols can be tested simply and, when approved, instantly integrated.
  • Overall, the reduced operating costs can be passed onto the end-user. With reduced upgrade costs, lower cost of acquisition for both parties, and the ability to use more affordable protocols, the revenue margins can be easily widened.
  • New customers quickly become available due to the simple integration of whichever protocol they operate with. 
  • Aggregated data can simple and safely be accessed and monitored by the right people.

Let us show you what xelba can do

We could keep telling you about all the good things xelba does but it’s more fun to show you. Organise a demo with one of our team to see how xelba can transform your business.

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